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About ZA1 Racing

My name is Zach and I make YouTube videos of the great sport of dirt biking. If you enjoy dirt bikes, harescramble racing, enduro, hard enduro, or adventurous trail rides on dirt bikes, you have stumbled across the right place. There are many hours of dirt bike videos on the ZA1 YouTube Page.

Tom smelling his dirt bike exhaust.ZA1 Racing (formally ZachAtk1) started back in 2011 when the first "Dirt Bike Commentary" video was uploaded to YouTube. It was a dirt bike ride in the backwoods of my parents property with my good friend Tom. Unlike the many other POV dirt bike videos seen on YouTube, I decided to add my own little flavor by recording my voice over "commentary" to the video. This "Dirt Bike Commentary" format would soon take off, and a following for ZA1 Racing began.

For me, ZA1 Racing is a passion project. I love the sport of dirt bikes, and hope through my videos that more people come to learn how great this sport is. I hope the videos inspire you to go out and go ride, try new things, and meet new people and discover how amazing the moto-world is.

The Crew

 ZachZach on ZachAtk1

The creator and voice of ZA1 Racing videos. Zach started riding in 2009 and began racing in 2013. Zach enjoys editing videos, dirt biking (obviously), and being outdoors. He graduated from Clarkson University in 2017 with a degree in mechanical engineering. While he wishes he could say dirt bike riding is his main profession, Zach works full time as an engineer.

Tom - "Tomahawk"
Thomas from ZachAtk1

Tom is a regular on the show. His style and humor is certain to have you on the floor laughing. Tom enjoys the outdoors skiing and of course riding his dirt scooter. More recently Tom has moved to Vermont, but that doesn't stop the boys from planning trips and going dirt biking.

Adam - "Adawg"Adam from ZachAtk1

Back in Season 3, Zach and Tom met Adam at the races. An entire summer went by of hanging out with Adam, and they became good friends. It wasn't until months of hanging out with Adam that they found out he lived right down the road from them in their town! Adam quickly was pulled (unwillingly?) into riding with Zach and Tom and has become a frequent character on ZA1.

Mike "Cook"Mike from ZachAtk1

Mike Cook is another local rider that was met at the races through Bent Badly Racing (more on that below). Mike is a very experienced trials rider, and grew up riding national caliber trials events with success. This experience makes Cook a serious contender in very technical terrain and hard enduros when on the dirt bike.

Bent Badly Racing

Bent Badly Racing is a group of riders in the Central New York region. This group of riders make appearances in the videos at the races and local riding spots. The group gets together and hosts local events such as the "Tuesday Night World Championship Series" where they have races against each other as a fun way to practice and ride.