The classic "ZachAtk1" merchandise is being cleared out. Grab a piece of history before it is gone!

The Store is Open! And a Little About the Website...

Welcome to! Grab yourself some stickers from the store. Hats, shirts, and sweatshirts are to come so stay tuned.

On, you'll find merchandise in the Shop so you can look cool at the track. I'll occasionally post news announcements similar to this one, as well as useful blog posts such as tips and tricks, product reviews and fun riding stories.

Lastly, there is an email subscriber signup form that you can use to be in the loop! Lets say we're out on a epic cross-country dirt bike trip, I'll send out a email to the subscriber list saying "Hey, we are here, anyone nearby that wants to ride?!". Signup so you can join us!

Have a good one!



  • Hi Zach. Really enjoy watching the videos. The snow riding episodes take me back. Keep them going.

    Matt Twigg
  • Love your videos and thank you for keeping them Kid friendly my 7 year and I really enjoy watching.

  • I would totally buy a “Tom’s a Chicken” shirt.

    Keith McQueen
  • Zack,
    Do you have your winter trip planned? I was on the Same row with you at TKO2 on Saturday this year.

    Ironically I was on toms row in TKO1. I’m friends with the guys from AHE “American hard enduro”. They have crazy awesome hard enduro in Knoxville. I believe they have about 200 miles of trails. A loop they call the TKO loop. About 25 miles. They have been pro day inviters for several years. Strong hard enduro riders.

    Also I’m a member of CMRA in between Chattanooga and and Nashville. 17,000 acres. 100 miles of single track and dirt bike only. Has hard enduro there too. It’s closed right now for deer season and opens back up early January

    I live in north GA.
    Let me know if interested for your winter trip
    Chad Evans 678-525-1490

    chad evans
  • If you guys ever venture to Louisville Ky area, we have about 800 acres of hills and single track about 40 minutes NE of town. We have a private club, Saddleback East, and you are welcome to come and ride. Call or email…502-553-6639

    Barry Carnes

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